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Valk Welding Best Managed Company 2011

Svejserobotintegratoren Valk Welding er valgt som vinder af Best Managed Company-konkurrencen i Nederlandene.

Kilde: Valk Welding

This is the outcome of the Best Managed Companies competetion, which is organized by Deloitte in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce.

With its headquarter in The Netherlands and subsidiairies in France, Belgium, Czech Republic and Denmark, Valk Welding delivers all European countries with welding robotsystems, welding wire and wire dispencing systems. Employees from the Danish subsidiairy Valk Welding DK A/S in Nørre Aaby do offer the Danisch industry live demonstrations of welding robotsolutions as wel as sales, service and installation support.

About the Best Managed Company competition

BMC is an annual competition organized by Deloitte, in which is being searched for the best-managed companies in the Dutch small and large companies. The national jury will select out of the regional nominations, all companies that meet the requirements for the designation Best Managed Companies. Therefore, the number of winners is not fixed. The winners are all equal, there is no ranking.

What criteria are provided to participants?
- Dutch Share Holding Management (including Dutch venture capital / private equity)
- Turnover of at least € 10 million
- Healthy financial position, in line with market conditions over the past three years
- Not listed on the Stock Market

How many participants are in the program?

From an initial selection of over 400 companies, 115 organizations from small and large businesses have registered.

What does the BMC program look like?

The program consists of a number of important steps
- Registration through Internet and delivery of annual results
- Completion of questionnaire for the Business Maturity Model
- Company visits by Deloitte coaches. During the visits, the management is thoroughly analyzed
- Based on the findings of the coaches nominate, regional juries nominate the candidates for the BMC Awards
- The national jury examines all jury reports
- Announcement of Best Managed Companies in 2011 on Thursday, May 5, 2011. The national jury will select winners from the regional nominations
- Symposium and festive honoring of the winners of Best Managed Companies in 2011 during a black tie gala on Friday, June 17, 2011

Why is Best Managed Companies being organized?

The BMC program is designed to increase recognition to small and large companies in the Netherlands. There are many leagues and programs, but often they are not specifically aimed at small and large companies.


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Innovationsnetværket RoboCluster samler danske kompetencer inden for forskning, udvikling og design af robotteknologi. Netværket giver dig ny viden om robotter, robotteknologi og intelligente løsninger og services til indsatsområder med stor politisk og udviklingsmæssig bevågenhed. Få nye input til netop dine udfordringer med robotteknologi og automatisering og kom tættere på det danske robotmiljø 

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